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Rats – those stinky, pesky, hair-raising vermin might not be a very good choice for a pet for a lot of people, but the sentiment certainly changes when they take the title role on the big screen. Here are 12 movies where the rat (and its not so distant cousin, the mouse) is not looked at as a pest, but rather an anthropomorphized creature with the smarts and dreams and quirks of common man, and two films where they are portrayed as the rats that they are, but with certain intelligence known only to man.


Any time I hire a new exterminator for my pest control company I always make them watch these movies.  If you want to learn how to get rid of rats then you have to learn to think like a rat!




  1. Steamboat Willie (1928). This eight minute animated movie is the piece that launched the career of Mickey Mouse, now known as the icon of Disney. Mickey plays Willie, the pilot of a steamboat under Captain Pete, whom he must outwit while he entertains passenger Minnie with the musical instruments he makes from the menagerie on deck.

  2. Charlotte’s Web (1973). This family favorite is an adaptation of the children’s book by E.B. White. While the book is really about the friendship between Charlotte the spider and Wilbur the pig, Templeton, the barn rat, plays a central role in the development of the story. Selfish and rude, Templeton had to be coaxed and bribed to do favors for Charlotte.

  3. The Rescuers (1977). Another animated Disney classic, The Rescuers features Miss Bianca and Bernard, two mice members of the Rescue Aid Society who join forces to save Penny, a little girl kidnapped by treasure hunters led by the horrible Medusa.

  4. The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Another Disney piece, this animated movie features the story of the rodent detective, a la Sherlock Holmes, named Basil. Basil looks into the kidnapping case of toymaker Hiram, which eventually leads the young detective to his Professor Ratigan who has evil plans of ruling England.

  5. The Secret of Nimh (1982). Mrs. Brisby, a widowed mouse, prepares to move her family out of the field before plowing time. However, her son Timothy falls sick and cannot be moved. Mrs. Brisby consults the Great Owl, who tells her of a mysterious rat group led by Nicodemus. Mrs. Brisby learns that her late husband was a part of this group, upon which experiments have been made at a place called NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health).

  6. An American Tail  (1986). This beloved animated classic features the story of Feivel, a Russian mouse who sets out with his family to America, which they thought was a land free of cats. Our hero gets separated from his family along the way, leading him to learn life lessons and earn friends as he survives dangers along the way. Feivel embodies hope and courage, making the movie an inspiring one for the young and the young at heart.

  7. MouseHunt (1997). This hilarious family comedy tells the story of brothers Lars and Ernie, the heir to a run-down mansion owned by their late father who was once a very wealthy owner of a string factory. Both homeless and in between jobs, the brothers hatch a plan about restoring the house and putting it up for auction. There’s only one problem: a perfidious mouse that would not leave the mansion, no matter what the brothers do.

  8. Stuart Little (1999). This live action comedy made for the entire family features the heartwarming tale of Stuart, a charming and young white mouse who gets adopted by Frederick and Eleanor Little so their son George can have a brother. At first George does not like him, being a mouse and all, but Stuart’s endearing nature soon gets the better of George. There’s only one problem – the family cat Snowbell, who wants him out of the house.

  9. Flushed Away (2006). Society mouse Roddy is an upper-crust rodent living the life as a pet mouse in a classy flat in Kensington. When a sewer rat named Sid makes an appearance in the sink, Roddy tries to outsmart him by enticing him into the whirlpool. But Sid, ignorant slob that he is, cannot be fooled, so Roddy gets flushed down the toilet and into the sewers, aptly named Ratropolis. There he meets Rita, who is willing to help him return to his abode for a fee. This DreamWorks production looks into Roddy and Rita’s adventure as they try to get away from the villainous Toad, who abhors all kinds of rodents.

  10. Ratatouille (2007). This touching Disney-Pixar production tells the uncanny yet amazing friendship between Alfredo Linguini, the long lost son of dead chef Auguste Gusteau and Remy, a street rat whose lifelong dream is to become a chef. Encouraged by the ghost of his idol Gusteau, Remy befriends the bumbling Linguini and fulfills his lifelong dream through the young man.

  11. Willard (1971). This American horror movie depicts the story of Willard, an eccentric young man who lives with his feeble yet cantankerous aging mother in a decrepit house. She orders him to kill the rats in the house, but he cannot do it and befriends them instead. When the old woman dies, the relationship between Willard and the rats - led by a white rat whom he names Socrates, and a black rat who is given the name Ben, grows deeper. Willard uses the rats to exact vengeance on people who have wronged him at work. However, when he sees his boss being torn to death by the rats for killing Socrates, he realizes his mistake and tries to get away from them, but it is too late.

  12. Ben  (1972). Ben picks up from where Willard has left off. With Socrates gone, Ben assumes leadership of the rat pack. He befriends Danny, a lonely boy with a heart condition and defends him from bullies. However the rats become too violent, and the police end up destroying the pack with flamethrowers. Ben survives and goes back to Danny, who nurses the rat’s injuries.